An Interlude

Remember how Wonderful Guy refers to my dogs as The Coyote and The Circus Dog?  The Coyote needs a new home.  I love her.  Very much.  But this is not working.  I am stressed all the time dealing with the two of them fighting.  Yes, I am a dog trainer.  No, in the two years I have been trying I have not been able to resolve this issue.

I started putting out feelers on finding The Coyote a new home over the weekend and even posted to that evil face page thing about her yesterday which means that all the other dog trainers I know now know that I have failed in my quest to resolve the issues.

I had to do a lesson with my Brazilian bikini model client last night who lives not too far from Wonderful Guy.  The bikini model client is a little bit of a drag since she doesn’t do her weekly work with her dog so we constantly have to go back and redo lessons.  For which she inevitably wears stilettos of course.

I stopped by WG’s house after the lesson and he was waiting for me with not only grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches but also frozen samosas from Fresh Market!

You see why I call him Wonderful Guy?