I try to view the trials and tribulations of life as adventures.  I am not always successful but I do try.  When I worked for a temp agency I would get up every morning and dress for whatever office job I had that day thinking this is ‘mortgage company’ Me or ‘receptionist for a ceramic fireplace company’ Me.  Kind of like a Barbie doll only without the unrealistic proportions or blond hair. I settled career-wise on dog training/walking/sitting about 7 years ago and have two crazy dogs that the wonderful guy who ended my thousand and one first dates run has dubbed The Circus Dog and The Coyote.  Wonderful Guy has a regular 9-5 job, a wicked sense of humor, very sexy legs and two amazing children. This is ‘in a happy, stable relationship with a wonderful guy’ Me and these are the big and small adventures in our lives.


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