The Pressure Is On!

Or off, depending on your point of view.

For Christmas this year I asked for and received 

Imagea pressure cooker from my family.  Last night, Wonderful Guy and I broke it in with both this Paprika Chicken from – only TWELVE MINUTES cooking time although I was slightly bummed that getting everything chopped, put into the cooker and getting the cooker up to pressure temperature took a good 20 minutes all on its own.  The chicken though was perfectly cooked!  Moist, tender and delicious and that sauce is amazing.
We then cleaned out the pressure cooker and made Seven Minute Risotto which we deemed delicious but not as creamy as real risotto. Although I think some of that is that WG just really likes the mushroom risotto I made with the Better Than Bouillon paste a few months ago which made for an incredibly rich, creamy risotto.
I know this has turned into a cooking blog rather than my little, life adventures but the pressure cooker steaming and rocking was a bit on the adventurous side and it is frankly too cold for outdoor adventures for me this time of year and indoor adventures are too private for a blog 😉
Tonight we are going to pressure cook a big batch of lentil soup and try to make some of Heidi’s Gougeres which we can do as leftovers tomorrow with the munchkins plus our standby Greek Salad.

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