I only love him for his dutch oven!

I have been a very absent blogger and I am disappointed with myself since I simply wanted to record the adventures in my life for my own reflection.

The biggest change in my life recently was becoming a member of Pinterest with which I have become sightly obsessed.  Wonderful Guy and the kids are great.  Paddling hasn’t been an option for months now and I cannot wait to get back to it this spring but we have done some minor hikes.  One was at a friend of WG’s property near Stanton, another was at a local park with a crazy network of fairly random trails through the woods created by people playing disc golf and last weekend we took The Coyote and her friend Squeakers, The Big Brown Possum with us to Red River Gorge where the steps so exhausted my legs/knees that we wound up hiking back to the car not quite in the dark which was definitely adventurous! Both children are forever picking up sticks and rocks they want to carry home with them so I made them each an Altoid Tin container for treasures found on the hike.  I couldn’t get the cardboard to fit in correctly to create the blocks so the rule was they could only keep things which would fit into the tin.  Except for the kindergartner dropping his tin near the steps of despair, which his father fortunately found although did not reveal until we were back in the car, we had a pretty great time.

WG once again indulged my obsession with Heidi Swanson’s Split Pea Potstickers and I even have a batch of them in his freezer to cook up when a new craving for them hits!  As far as new foods we have played with we’ve done a fair amount of cooking with grains like quinoa and barley but last night WG took over the kitchen and made an absolute feast!

Yesterday, Adam over on Amateur Gourmet posted a recipe for chopped liver which I love so I quickly sent the link to WG who made a fantastic batch of it for me last night but apparently he already had a dinner idea going.  Ever since I read Smitten Kitchen’s description of carnitas I have been dying to try them.  Last week we took the kids to see The Muppets and got a bite to eat afterwards at a local Mexican place which had carnitas on the menu.  Imagine my delight only to be served huge globs of roasted pork fat with no tortillas.  I was most unimpressed and WG was then nervous about making them for me despite my saying that I was positive I would love his.  He went out on that limb last night and without a doubt, cooked the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!  That includes Reese’s Minis 😉