Adventures in Cooking

Wonderful Guy, the rugrats and I did nothing but cook…and eat…all weekend I think.

We had an adults only Friday night with steak, baked potatoes and these amazing stuffed peppers.  We went 50/50 on the wonderful banana peppers he gets straight from his parents’ garden and jalapenos from the boring old grocery store.  They were incredibly yummy but stuffing and wrapping food before you can even cook it, much less eat it is a bit on the fussy side to me.  Kind of like the idea that life is too short to stuff mushrooms which Yahoo attributes to Rochelle Moore, I had heard attributed to Julia Child although I just found her very own stuffed mushroom recipe and google found a mention of it as a Joan Collins quote so who knows who actually said it.  So the stufffed mushooms to me are generally a why bother and without WG to do the bulk of the work I doubt I would mess with the stuffed peppers but I certainly did enjoy the fruits of his labor!

After dinner, WG helped me with a batch of the NYT 3 day chocolate chip cookies which I made him clear room for in his freezer to speed the process of the butter absorbing into the flour.

First thing Saturday morning, I whipped up a double batch of dough for Saturday’s dinner of grilled pizza which is always a hit with both kids and adults which gave us most of the day Saturday to hang out, let the kids ride their bikes at the park – first time for the kindergartener with no training wheels! – while WG and I threw frisbees for The Circus Dog and her friend The Big Brown Possum.

Sunday was the culinary achievement of the weekend though!  Last week I read about Bacon Jam and immediately had to learn how we could make some of this ambrosia for ourselves!  That ex-con with a talk/cooking/craft show had a recipe but it required a slow cooker.  Fortunately, another blogger had already detailed a way to make this substance with just a dutch oven!

My intent was to be at WG’s house around 9am on Sunday to begin the jam making but I am always running late and the rugrats had him up at 7 so I arrived after the cooked bacon had been added to the cooked onions (which I had chopped on Saturday so I DID do something to assist!) While the jam was reducing, we got the kids started with Gnome Bowling as I had printed out the gnomes for them to color and simply taped the paper to the 10 two liter bottles WG had saved for this purpose.

I don’t think they really loved the lawn bowling game but since by 1pm we were noshing on home made biscuits slathered in bacon jam I don’t think anyone really cares 🙂

Note about the jam: It is at least twice as good as you think it will be but it is VERY concentrated bacon so a very little goes a long way!


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